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Nowadays when Millions of Pakistanis uses YouTube to watch their Favourite videos. The number of content creators is also increasing day by day to give Pakistani viewers the best watching experience. One of that content creator is Irfan Junejo.

Irfan Junejo Life:

In 2017, A boy from Karachi takes his equipment and starts capturing moments of his life. Then within a few years, he starts getting what he dreams. he travels to many of his favorite countries, he goes to Dubai with a PSL team. He got Millions of followers on Social media And he becomes a celebrity.

The Boy which we are talking about is Irfan Junejo, Today People knows him as a Content Creator and Vlogger.

Irfan Junejo YouTube Career:

Irfan Junejo is a Karachi based YouTuber and Vlogger. He was born on 6th September 1990 in Karachi.

Irfan Properly starts his Vlogging career by uploading his first vlog on his YouTube channel on 1st January 2017 and then very soon he starts getting fame, first his Subscriber’s count goes to hundreds then thousands, then lacs and now he is soon reaching 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube.

Irfan Collabs with several other content creators Including Tamoor Salahuddin (Mooroo), The Great Muhammad Ali, etc.

Irfan Junejo
Image: YouTube/Irfan Junejo

Many of his Videos went viral on YouTube and Social Media. Which includes His MotoVlogs and Travelogs. His viral Moto Vlogs are “My dream bike – YAMAHA R1” and “MY YAMAHA R6”.

His viral Travelogs includes “THE JUNEJO GUIDE TO NARAN” and “LYARI UNDERGROUND LIVE”. Similar to these Videos, his almost every video gets lacs of views.He is one of the most loved content creators of Pakistan. As a content creator, he gets so much respect from Pakistan and all over the World. He is a modern-day YouTuber from Pakistan who knows the art of selling himself as a Masterpiece. He is an inspiration for thousands.

Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo as a Footballer:

Irfan also loves to play football. From a very young age, he starts playing football and then he joins a famous football club, FC Rovers. Irfan Junejo is a good footballer and a Key Player of his Team, he also mentions this in his videos.

Irfan Junejo Bikes:

In one of his video, Irfan reveals that from his childhood he had craze to have a heavy bike and because of his craze he do many works to collect money to buy a heavy bike and finally he had a heavy bike.

But, After buying a heavy bike he feels that he is not much happy, as much as he expected and one day he had an accident with that bike too, then he feels that this heavy bike is not for him and consequently his interest in bike gets ended and after some time, he sells that bike.

Irfan says that, In Future, he will still love to have and ride bikes but he will not connect his emotion with bikes.

Irfan Junejo Wife:

He got Married in February 2019.

Have a look at his Marriage Pictures:

irfan junejo wife
Image: via ProPakistani Lens

Irfan Junejo on Social Media:

Irfan had a huge Fan following on Social Media.

YouTube: 684,340 Subscribers

Facebook: 230K Followers

Twitter: 40.3k Followers.


Irfan Junejo Videos:

You can watch some of his Most Interesting Videos Below:

My dream bike – YAMAHA R1