Ayub Ghauri


Ayub Ghauri is currently in charge of providing Information Security Solutions to the companies in the region, and as well as in the process of expanding the domain footprint globally.

Ayub believes in achieving a healthy bottom line and he is forever determined to developing Winning teams for executing winning Business Development Strategies. . For that reading the market dynamics is a must. He is a seasoned Marketing and Media professional possessing more than 20 years of industry experience. Currently, Ayub is responsible for designing and executing marketing strategies which include image building, brand building, launching of new products and services, PR, Internal and External communications, data mining, and holding and participating in events to promote the Company worldwide. He works closely with Marketing teams in US, UK, Thailand and China to develop strategies for greater market share.

All the above skills are paramount in Developing Business Strategies that would eventually result in growth business. Relationship Management is also a strong focus for him. Ayub holds a Business Degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from prestigious California State University-Northridge.

NetSol Technology Institute was Ayub’s brainchild, a project that he initiated and successfully executed from a startup, and remained its Head for three years. He also has extensive experience with TV Media in senior positions with three different TV networks in UK and Pakistan.

* Business Development
* Business Relationship Management
* E Channel Marketing Strategist
* Media Planner for its Optimum Utilization
* Creative Director for Content Development
* Business Relationship Management
* Certified Coach by RCS, Australia