‘Army Costume For Kids’ Demand High Ahead Of ‘Defence Day’


With the Defence Day celebrations, the demand of “national and Army uniform dresses” for kids’ on rise and picking up the pace in Pakistani fashion market as patriotic citizens across the country were seen in taking interest for buying these dresses to celebrate the day with befitting manner.

The 6th of September is celebrated every year as the Defence Day by every Pakistani and just like the trend of wearing tri-colour on Independence Day military costume sale on the rise.

According to traders in Rawalpindi, throughout the month, the education activity encouraged schoolchildren to plan special events to honour military forces or incorporate the themes of the month into the classrooms.

Defence Day is celebrating on September 6 as a reminder of the sacrifices our brave soldiers have made for our country in 1965, said a citizen Huma Amin, adding, that a wide variety of national dresses and forces uniform could be seen everywhere in Rawalpindi shops to attract the customers.

“From time to time, I wear armed forces’ caps, T-shirts. I feel proud to wear it and to respect the armed forces is patriotism”, said a 15 year old student .

The people of the country are proud to wear Army dresses, said Aiman Ilyas a 7th class student.

“I wore army saree because I felt proud of my army.

I am not in Pakistan army, but I was expressing my feeling of solidarity with wearing this dress”, a mother Sumera Azeem said. The demand of national and army forces uniform is high and these dresses selling like hot cakes in the market.

A schoolteacher Fouzia Mukhtar said, schoolchildren dressed in beautiful army costumes presented patriotic songs in the event organized by school in connection with Defence Day.

Children wearing national and Army dresses represented their brave Army officers in a splendid manner. A heroic tribute was also paid to the martyrs of the war during the school ceremony.

Another citizen Hassan Shoaib said, students enthusiastically participating in Defence Day activities and showed their love for Pakistan Armed Forces.

A trader at a shop said, on Defence Day “we are displaying our best quality kids army costume for children and our sale was satisfactory”.

A renowned brand also claimed that the demand for army uniform for children is on the up and brands are responding with increasingly sophisticated solution to citizens with amazing discount offers.

Another shopkeeper said we are offering Defence Day sale on our entire stock and this promotional offer is valid from September 6 to 9 only so celebrate 50% discount on Defence Day costumes.